Peformancing Reader’s Choice Awards Selects Edublogs Blogger

Performancing Award 2007The Performancing Blog Awards 2007 Winners included The Best Education Blog of 2007 and the Runner Up is Teaching Generation Z of .

Graham Wegner of Teaching Generation Z has been nominated twice for the Edublog Award in 2006 and 2007. Wegner, of Adelaide, Australia, is a primary school educator and has been teaching for 21 years and online since 1996. His blog covers teaching thoughts, philosophies, blogging, and observances and interaction with the Australia public school system.

The other winners were top notch educational blogs including Reader’s Choice Award Winner Study Hacks, Editor’s Choice Eduwonk, and Editor’s Choice Runner Up HackCollege. You can see the voting results and the list of all the great nominees for the Best Education Blog Award on Performancing.

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