The Birth of an Online Education Magazine

Today is the official birth date of the Edublogs Magazine. It’s been almost a year from the idea-dancing-around-our-head stage, trying to come up with a way to create an umbrella blog that would bring together the exciting Edublogs community.

Edublogs Magazine LogoWe wanted to feature bloggers and news from within the Edublogs Network represented by Edublogs, Learnerblogs, Uniblogs, and ESLblogs.

We wanted to provide a place where Edublog members could publish articles offering their special insights into education today, past, and the future of online education technologies.

We wanted to bring in educational experts and professionals to provide insights into their specialties for educators and students around the world, as well as the Edublogs community.

We also wanted to get help from top blogging professionals on how to blog from a personal and professional perspective.

It’s a big to do list, but we’re very excited about how we’ve brought it all together under one roof.

Currently, the Edublogs Magazine feature the following post categories on:

  • Edublogs News features the news, information, and resources found around the Edublogs community of bloggers.
  • Blogging Students covers examples and interviews of students using blogs to communicate, learn, teach, fundraising, and more.
  • Blogging Teachers will showcase teachers using blogs and online technologies in their classrooms and life, having their say about the state of education.
  • Online Education looks at the industry and technology of online education and distance learning, bringing the classroom directly to the student.
  • Pedablogy is about the arts and sciences of teaching blogging and blog technology.
  • Professional Development covers training programs, workshops, conferences, special events, and news about professional education development.
  • Teaching Technologies offers articles on how on teaching technologies, how to teach, how to teach specific subjects, and products and services that may improve teaching techniques and skills.
  • Blogging Tips offers tips, tricks, and techniques on blogging, invaluable to the blogger or the teacher teaching blogging and web technologies.
  • Multimedia covers integrating modern multimedia technologies into blogs, websites, classrooms – all aspects from podcasting to moblogging.

You can subscribe to these individually, or to the Edublogs Magazine Feed, or choose from other alternative subscription methods on our Subscribe page.

We’d love your input and contributions, so we’ve set up Contributor’s Guidelines on how to submit articles to the magazine. You can contact us directly by email at Edublogs Magazine.

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