Who Are the Top Edubloggers?

Aseem Badshah has created a listing of the Top Education Bloggers or edubloggers based upon Technorati’s rankings.

The list is formidable and includes some of the top bloggers dealing with educational issues around the world, covering social media, online education, wireless technologies, Internet safety, copyright, challenging technophobia in education, and more.

graphic digital painting of teacher teaching studentsWeblogg-ed (feed) by Will Richardson is the blog of the “Learner in Chief” at Connective Learning and the author of Blogs, Wikis, Podcasts and Other Powerful Web Tools for Classrooms (Corwin Press). His site is hosted by edublogs and is considered one of the hottest blogs on education and online technology on the web. His specialty is K-12 and bringing online technologies to the classroom internationally. Recent articles include:

Stephen’s Web (feed) by Stephen Downes who works for the National Research Council, Institute for Information Technology, in Canada. He says he specializes in “online learning, content syndication, and new media.” While his site is more static website than blog, it does feature comments and from his list of most popular articles are:

2 Cents Worth (feed) by David Warlick is an eclectic set of posts on education and other subjects by a “non-traditional educator” who describes his blog as:

Many of the barriers that prevent us from modernizing our education systems come from the baggage of outdated notions about teaching, learning, curriculum, our children, and their future. Asking questions seems to be one way of probing for new perceptions about what we do, why we do it, and how we might adapt within an almost constantly changing environment.

Recent posts include:

The Fischbowl (feed) hosted and managed by Karl Fisch, is the staff development blog for the Colorado Arapahoe High School teachers “exploring constructivism and 21st century learning skills.” The blog covers a lot about online education technologies and incorporating it into the classroom, as well as the events and activities of the high school kids.

Recent articles include:

Cool Cat Teacher (feed) by Vicki A Davis covers a wide range of teacher issues and online technologies including social networking.

Recent posts include:

Moving at the Speed of Creativity (feed) by Wesley Fryer admits that his blog is his personal thoughts on education and learning, even though he is a noted speaker and workshop leader and podcaster. He even has a pedagogic creed to further define him. His blog covers Internet safety and safe digital networking, education and online social media, copyrights, and more.

Recent articles and podcasts include:

edu.blogs.com (feed) by Ewan McIntosh has a tagline that says “social participative media, education, and the future” which covers a lot of territory. Living in Edinburgh, Scotland, Ewan covers social online media, as it relates to education, working with educators and teaching institutions to integrate the web with the classroom and beyond.

Recently, Ewan got involved with the Economist Magazine debating on the question of whether or not social networks have a positive impact on education. Educational bloggers around the world are heating up with this ongoing debate.

A few of his other recent articles include:

dangerously irrelevant (feed) by Scott McLeod covers the struggles and future of education and modern technologies. It’s stuffed with news on teaching, online education, social media, and improving education through the Internet.

Recent posts include:

eLearning Technology (feed) by Tony Karrer covers eLearning news and technology. The CEO/CTO of TechEmpower, a software, web and eLearning development firm based in Los Angeles, Karrer comes at education from the technical side of working with online educational technology and media.

Recent articles include:

Techlearning blog (feed) is a collection of blog posts from various teachers discussing educational issues today. While hard to navigate and a bit clumsy in design, the editoirial commentaries by the contributors are often thought-provoking.

Edublog’s Top Bloggers

Members of the are also included in the list of top edubloggers from around the world. They include:

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